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Home / Company News / Technology Information / The use precautions of SiC heating element

The use precautions of SiC heating element

Views: 12     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-28      Origin: Site

In order to make every SiC heating element be at normal and ideal working condition,

the resistance value of whole batch of SiC heating element shall be measured before the installation and then classified. The ones with similar resistance value will be installed in the same adjustment zone to make the operating resistance approximate . 

In order to inspect every SiC heating element to confirm if it works properly,the electric current will be tested one by one through tong-type ammeter .The electric current is required to be approximate under the same voltage in the same zone,deviation won’t exceed 10%, if individual current is too big, it means that value of resistance is too small. If electric current is too small,it will be value of resistance is too big or the contact of pin is not good.If there is no electric current,maybe SiC heating element has been broken, it shall be inspected or replaced for further step.  

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