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Home / Company News / Technology Information / The characteristic of MoSi2 heating element

The characteristic of MoSi2 heating element

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-28      Origin: Site

High-temperature oxidation resistance: it will be heated to high temperature under oxidizing atmosphere, it can produce a dense layer of quartz glass-film to prevent MoSi2 from being oxidized again.When the temperature of heating element is greater than 1700℃,the quartz coating with fusing point of 1710℃ will be melted,under the action of surface tension,the quartz fuses together to droplets and loses the protective effect. Under the oxidizing atmosphere,if the heating elements are used again,quartz protective layer will be regenerated .  

Electrical resistance property:electrical resistivity of MoSi2 electrical heating element will be increased quickly with the increasing of temperature, under normal operating condition,the resistance of heating element will not change with the extension of using time .

MoSi2 electrical heating element is fragile and easy to be broken,so it shall handle with care in the daily use. 

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