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The application method of SiC heating element

Views: 16     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-28      Origin: Site

After SiC heating element is heated in the air,the dense film of silicon oxide will be formed on the surface to become oxidation-resistant protective film,this can extend its working life. In recent years, the company develops all kinds of coatings to prevent the cracking of SiC heating element which can be used in the furnace of various atmosphere .   

The bigger for the amperage which is applied on SiC heating element,the higher for the surface temperature of SiC heating element . It is recommended that smaller surface load density(power) will be used . Please noted that the value which is recorded for cold end of SiC heating element is the electric current,voltage at 1050℃ in the air,it is not consistent with actual use . Normally, the surface power of SiC heating element is acquired from the relationship between furnace temperature and surface temperature of SiC heating element. We suggest to use the surface power with 1/2-1/3 of limiting density of SiC heating element .

When using the SiC heating element continuously,it is recommended that voltage will be increased with slow speed to maintain long working life . 

The SiC heating element tries to connect in parallel . If value of resistance of SiC heating element is different,the load for the higher resistance is centralized during the series connection which causes that the resistance of certain SiC heating element is increased quickly and the service life is shortened .

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