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About SiC heating element

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-28      Origin: Site

The SiC electrical heating element selects green hexagonal silicon carbide with high purity as the raw material, after the processing of blank making and high-temperature silicification of 2200℃, recrystallize to be rodlike nonmetallic high temperature electric heating element. In the oxidizing atmosphere, normal service temperature

can reach 1450℃,continuous using time can reach 2000 hours.

Because of high using temperature of SiC heating element,it is characteristic of high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance,fast temperature rise,long service life,small deformation of high temperature as well as convenient installation and maintenance,etc. It has excellent chemical stability .   

It will be supplied with automatic electronic control system,it can get precise and constant temperature. It can regulate the temperature automatically according to the curve of the requirement of manufacturing technique. The heating by the use of SiC heating element is not only convenient,but also safe and reliable. Now it is widely used in the field of high temperature such as electronic,magnetic material,powder metallurgy,ceramic,glass,semi-conductor,analysis and test as well as scientific research,it has become the electrical heating element of various heating equipment

such as tunnel kiln,roller kiln,glass kiln,vacuum furnace,muffle furnace and smelting furnace,etc.

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